Hypnosis Courses. It’s easy to train to be a Professional Hypnotherapist with our ONE, TWO, THREE method of training. Three courses providing you with three individual certificates that form the internationally recognised Practitioners Diploma in Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnotherapy.


Enrol on the two day the two day Certificate in Authentic Hypnotherapy Course. Learn key hypnotherapy skills that will kick-start your ability to help others achieve their goals.


Join the 7 Day Certificate in Therapeutic Hypnotherapy. Learn how to help people overcome the symptoms of common challenges with dynamic hypnotherapy interventions.


When you are ready enrol on The Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy course. It delivers the depth and scope necessary to manage a full portfolio of client challenges and goals.


When you receive your Practitioners Diploma we stay with you. We provide a suite of CPD courses to enable you stay at the top of your profession.

Our hypnosis courses deliver the most researched and validated model of hypnotherapy training in Ireland.