Hypnotherapy Training in Dublin and Cork with Susan Wallace, Principal of Hypnotherapy Business Academy

Image of Susan Wallace, Principal of Cognitive Hypnosis AcademyMy name is Susan Wallace and I can help you get the Ultimate Results Diploma in Hypnotherapy so you can start a professional hypnotherapy practice and help people achieve their goals and ambitions.  Our Hypnotherapy Training is compliant with UK Standards and you will be entitled to Full Professional Insurance.  Next course starts this April in Dublin.

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We have a new short video course ready to show you exactly how to hypnotise people professionally.  The course is run over ten short lessons.  Each lesson will be delivered to your inbox.  You can sign-up by clicking on the image below.  On the registration page is a forty minute video where I zoooooooom through a typical first session at lightening speed.  Then once you sign-up you’ll get ten mini lessons between 2 and 7 minutes long delivered daily to your inbox.  This means that in 10 DAYS FROM NOW YOU WILL HAVE KEY HYPNOTHERAPY SKILLS.

Sign-up now because this offer is available for a limited time only.  We want to make sure that when you train with us you already have a good understanding of our style, our quality and how devoted we are to helping you get your career off to a profitable start.


On the Rich Therapist, Poor Therapist, Get the Success Mindset you will learn:

  • The massive difference between offering ‘hypnotherapy sessions’ and ‘hypnotherapy packages’ to potential clients and how your choice of hypnotherapy training can greatly impact your long-term success.
  • Why good hypnotherapy training should be more than just getting therapy skills. Discover why it is essential to learn how to effectively manage your own limiting beliefs about your capabilities, overcome self-sabotage and claim ownership of the marketing and promotion of your therapy services.
  • Insider secrets on the fastest and most effective way to get a great portfolio of hypnotherapy skills and build a successful and significant hypnotherapy coaching practice.

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 On the “Therapists! Get More Clients webinar you will learn:

  • The MASSIVE marketing mistake that most therapists make… That STOPS hundreds of clients from booking therapy with you and can COST you THOUSANDS in lost revenue.
  • How to write a powerful marketing message that will grab attention, build excitement and create demand for your therapy services.
  • Transform a free initial consultation into a high-value, high converting Discovery Session. This session will motivate and inspire your clients to take action and to book therapy packages with you.
  • Why so many therapists fail when trying to advertise through Facebook and exactly what you can do about it.

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